Maine’s Most Profitable Plant


Maine just had its best month in Marijuana sales ever, selling 5.4 million dollars of cannabis throughout Maine’s Adult use programs. That's one million dollars more in sales than last month. Even with the impressive numbers, there is still a surprising amount of issues within the legislation and rules regarding cannabis-related bills. The OMP (Office Of Marijuana Policy) has been holding weekly meetings to get together and brainstorm; How to pass bills that not only help support Maine’s cannabis community but also to keep all Maine residents feeling safe? It is undeniable at this point that cannabis is not only a cultural staple of Maine but also the most profitable taxed item in the state. This year marijuana and related product sales tax is expected to return 10.7 million dollars by the end of the year. Watching the month-to-month sales increase, I believe that cannabis will continue to bring in the most tax revenue of any item in Maine. Marijuana is already the leading revenue crop for the state.

With Covid-19 starting to settle down and restrictions being lifted things are finally starting to feel normal. A normal summer in Maine can attract up to 12 million tourists to travel here to experience our beautiful nature and all the thing that make Maine such an amazing state. Now that Maine is allowing adult-use recreational shops to open the number of Marijuana sales is set to skyrocket. The influx of tourists is a great help to Maine’s economy giving small businesses from all over the state the customers they need to stay open. As Maine continues to outperform expectations in the Cannabis sales field there seem to be some issues regarding Maine's medical marijuana programs. The two programs adult-use and medical marijuana use programs are very different from one another, the adult-use programs are built and should be run more like liquor stores where anyone with a valid ID and over the age of 21 can walk in and purchase products. The medical marijuana program differs by focusing on the customer as a patient, allowing them to use the cannabis as a medication to help relieve certain mental and physical problems a person could be facing. While both these markets sell cannabis to users drawing a thick line in the sand is something that while difficult must be done to preserve these programs.

 Some legislators aren’t for the program and want to see more restrictions be placed upon those who find themselves under their rule. Caregivers, patients, and members of the community have banded together to combat these unfair rules and restrictions by holding a protest and making the legislators who aren’t involved with the cannabis community get involved and informed. The rules and restrictions being placed play a huge role in small businesses shutting down and big out-of-state Marijuana producers coming in and taking over. Readers looking to better understand how the Maine marijuana programs work can check out Maine Cannabis Coalition a group of Maine caregivers, patients, and members of the cannabis community who focus on battling the current issues within these programs and help fight bad legislation that if passed would be detrimental to Maine’s cannabis community. Even with some negatives, the future for Maine and marijuana looks to be bright. I hope to see the correct legislation be passed that benefits all members of the community while hard I believe with cannabis anything is possible.

Written By Kiante Smith