THC-A is a white or yellow crystalized rock substance derived from Marijuana extracts THC-A Is a concentration of cannabis but without a burning or heat element the THC-A crystals themselves aren’t psychoactive, however, if you do use a dab rig or apply some other heating element to the crystals they will vaporize and combust activating the THC inside the THC-a giving off very intense highs that hits virtually instantly. While cannabis flower can range typically anywhere from 10%-35% THC, concentrates being more potent with an estimated 80% THC in most types. Moving up to the next level is where THC-A comes into play reaching as high as 99.9% THC. This being said getting those high amounts of THC that are concentrated is a process; it allows marijuana users to experience quicker and harder-hitting highs that can help patients dealing with life-threatening illnesses better comfort themselves. While they say this form of cannabis consumption can be addicting THC A is the closest thing available to pure THC giving its users the high of purely the psychoactive side of the plant. Establishing rules and regulations has been somewhat of a mess when it comes to this stuff as governments are still scrambling to make sense of how this chemical works and how to use it to Positively affect human life.

Written By Kiante Smith