Starting a Clone for Beginners

If you are still in the entry level of the marijuana world, here are a couple things you can consider when attempting your first growth of a clone.

When the clone is acquired, it should be transplanted to a big enough container (one gallon is recommended to start) to allow roots to have room to stretch and keep growing. Some growers prefer to go right outside with it, but others prefer to wait.

Clones are extremely sensitive. Whilst beginning to grow, they should be kept inside, temperature-monitored and dry. While still in their original pot, they do not need to be sprayed with water as they are easily overwatered. If you feel convinced, don’t spray the clones more than one time every three days to ensure the humidity.

 It is advised that clones be given ample amounts of sunlight to root and thrive. However, an overexposure to the severely harsh UV rays can also wipe your plant out altogether. Things like fluorescent lights are encouraged but not required. Certain hours of light and strength can be required for more admirable growth during different stages, but again, not required.  When you get to the point when roots begin to grow, a shift to the outdoors is advised so as not to shock the plant later in the development process (if it hadn’t already previously been moved to the outdoors). 

Growing clones, especially as a beginner, can be a series of trials and errors. With practice and patience, it can become a worthy or beneficial hobby for all different kinds of people. Be sure to research best habits for your plant at different points in its growing stages to be able to give the best care.

Written By Maggie Lloyd